See How a Guy Was Able to Humanely Turn Down a Gay the Right Way


As a classic proverb goes, live as if today is your last day on earth.

If we really consider that, we might as well phone our family members now and tell them how much love them. But, if even telling your mom and dad you love them is hard, then consider how much harder the circumstances telling someone who doesn’t even know your name that he caught your attention?



This was a realization that came to Chad after he was approached by a guy named Shane at his cousin’s wedding.

Shane gathered up his strength to talk to Chad and give him his number. Even though he was taken aback that Shane saw him as a gay guy, he didn’t let that bother him. He thought that just like everyone else, Shane was brave enough to take that chance. So instead of reacting badly, Chad decided to accept the number and just reached out to Shane through a couple of text messages.



The exchange looked like a simple one, but people were touched by the way Chad approached Shane, and Shane gained praises for his bravery.






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