See How Daughter’s Letter Helped Mom Get Through the Loss


Life is as tragic as it is wonderful. We never know what may happen to us, yet we do our best to live our lives to the fullest. Life is filled with smiles and laughter. It is also full of tears and sorrow. If it was ever a fruit, life would be the sweetest but at the same time the most bitter of all.

Losing someone we love is never an easy thing. Seeing someone so dear to us pass away is something that could be very devastating, especially if it’s losing a child. They say that no parent should ever see their children die. But life has proven time and time again that it is capable of doing such terrible thing.

However, what you are about to see is not a story that’s all misery and grief. It may not have an ideal happy ending, but it’s finale will still tug at your heart strings. This is a story about a mother who lost her precious little girl and how a letter helped her get through.



See the heart-melting story in the video below and don’t forget to prepare your tissues.



Watch a video right here.




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