See the Inspiring Story About This Brave Canine and His Partner


As often as officers find themselves putting their lives on the line each day, the same can be said for their canine companions. These unsung heroes are in as much danger as their human counterparts. One of them is Bruno, a 7-year-old German shepherd and canine officer who unfortunately was shot in the face after chasing down a suspect.

His owner,  R.J. Young, was also in hot pursuit of the suspect when Bruno was shot. He recalls that the dog bravely came to him and helped save the day. Bruno suffered a broken jaw and was rushed to the nearest hospital to have the bullet taken out of his lungs.

But there is good news out of what could have been a tragic story. Bruno was deemed safe and survived his ordeal. He was reunited with his partner, Young, who couldn’t be any happier to see his furry friend again.

Young plans to adopt Bruno when he is discharged and to take care of his medical expenses. The hero dog doesn’t just get a second chance in life, he gets to find his forever home after long years of service.



Watch this video below.



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