See What ‘Rugrats’ Characters Would Be Like If They Became Parents


What do you think the characters of Rugrats would look like if they grew up? How would they raise their kids if they become parents? What kind of lives would they have lived?

This list will answer all those questions.

Phillip “Phil” DeVille

Phil is now a full-time dad and is planning to launch a meal-replacement bars from insect protein together with his sister Lil.

Lillian “Lil” DeVille

Lil works as a lactation consultant and waits patiently for her 3-year-old kid to wean in a playground.

Susie Carmichael Finster

Susie made it big in the entertainment industry in her twenties and is now a social media expert.



Chuckie Finster

Being the cautious type, Chuckie created an app named “Scaredy Stat,” which calculates how likely an idea will end in physical injury or, worse, death.

Stuart and Didila “Didi” Pickles

Stu’s inventions managed to inspire a film franchise, which made their retirement a smooth-sailing journey, while Didi mostly spends all of her time giving Tommy parental wisdom.

Angelica Pickles

Because of her unrelenting love for Cynthia dolls, Angelica strived and is currently the CEO of the company. She brings her daughter Scarlett to work every day to show her that she has everything.



Kimiko “Kimi” Watanabe-Finster Pickles

Kimi became a traveling journalist. She came back to her hometown to start a parenting blog in her twenties and caught up with Tommy whom she married. She is now carrying their second baby.

Dylan “Dil” Pickles

Dil still lives under his parent’s roof and works in a cheese shop. He is also popular among college students because of his YouTube channel that talks about herbal medicine.



Tommy Pickles

Tommy is now a successful college professor in early civilization and can still keep up with his daughter’s make-believe play.

Now they seem to have all grown up!



Check out these videos below.


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