See Why Your Body Reacts to Certain Triggers …Science Explains


There are lots of things we don’t understand about the human body. But no matter how weird these can get, these are what make us different from other living species on earth.

Why does our hair raise when we feel cold? Why does drinking or eating something frozen give us headache? Why do we experience hiccups? These are just among the occurrences that make us believe that life is truly mysterious. In reality, these happenings do have corresponding explanations. We’ll go over them one by one below.



Sneezing is a pretty amazing body reaction. This happens because of an irritant that gets stuck in the nose. It starts with the nose sending a message to a specific part of the brain telling it to sneeze. Then some other body parts such as the throat, eyes, belly, and chest are required to respond.

When you sneeze, you actually send away irritants at a speed of 100 miles per hour.


Business Woman Stress And Headache

Vertigo can hinder people from living their everyday lives the normal way. Why does this happen? It is because of an inner ear problem or nerve damage, which results in a feeling like you’re moving when in fact you aren’t.



Hiccups happen when you least expect it, and it doesn’t really benefit the body unlike sneezing. It only occurs whenever the diaphragm is irritated. All of a sudden, it contracts and draws air into the windpipe. Although its cause is still unknown, sometimes, it is associated with anxiety, eating spicy, hot, or cold food, and drinking carbonated beverages.

Charley Horse


Charley horse is the slang term for the muscle cramp in the calf or thigh area, which happens when the muscles between two joints in the body are stretched, causing more stress and pressure to build up. As a result, blood does not circulate properly. But this is something you should not worry about because this is temporary. As soon as you start stretching or massaging the area, the blood will be able to circulate the body again in its normal route.

Twitching Eyes


A twitching eye usually lasts a few days or sometimes weeks. But why does this happen? It is caused by an abnormal nerve function called blepharospasm, which is characterized by involuntary blinking. There are also cases when this is caused by being tired or tensed.



Funny Bone


Have you ever tried banging your elbow so hard that you immediately felt a painful sensation run all over your body? If yes, then you understand what hitting your funny bone is. However, the eccentric sensation isn’t actually caused by hitting a certain bone. It happens when the ulnar nerve is hit.

Ear Popping


When does a popping ear happen? There are times when the body has to equalize the pressure of the eardrum, both inside and outside, especially when there is an abrupt change in altitude. The pop that you hear comes from a tube that connects the middle ear to the back of the throat. Once you hear it pop, it means the pressure is relieved.

Ear Wax


Ear wax helps fight infection and cleans the ears, which means it is helpful to the body. Because of that, it is advised that you don’t use cotton swabs in cleaning the ears. You don’t want to push all the wax in the ear canal.

Canker Sores


The small sores that form inside the mouth are small ulcers. These aren’t contagious, and they aren’t caused by a virus. These often occur when you consume certain foods or when you have nutritional deficiencies.



Yawning happens automatically and is contagious. There’s actually a reason you do it. Based on studies, you yawn when there is excessive carbon dioxide in your blood. It is obviously the body’s way of getting more oxygen and getting rid of CO2.





Why do we itch some body parts uncontrollably when in truth, we’re totally fine? Well, if there is too much dryness in the skin caused by overwashing, you feel itchy. Water and soap can only eliminate the natural oils in the skin, which are needed to stay moisturized.

Eye Bags


Also called raccoon eyes, eye bags are often attributed to being tired, which is right. The lack of sleep only makes the skin look pale. In addition, age can also be a contributing factor. As you grow old, the skin around the eyes becomes thin, making discoloration pretty obvious.

Side Stitches


Side stitches often happens after running and prolonged laughter. When you laugh or run really hard, you are sucking in too much air, which fills the lungs and pushes the diaphragm down. When there is a repetition of this contraction, it is called stitch.

Seeing Stars

Young man with yellow stars circleing around his head

Yes, you can see dots, circles, random flashes, and stars through your eyes. When you see these, you are actually seeing the shadows that tiny clumps cast on the back of the eye, where the nerves for the sense of sight are located.



“Goosebumps” isn’t an acceptable scientific name, but there is a scientific explanation behind it. Humans form a natural fur coat whenever they feel cold or tensed. To give warmth to the body, an insulated layer of air is trapped between the hairs.



Cracking Joints


Have you ever thought why your joints crack? It is caused by nitrogen-rich gases that are trying to escape the lubricant inside the joint capsule. When the gas is released, the joint becomes more flexible.

Sleeping Limbs

shoulder pain

Have you ever experienced that tingly or dull feeling in your leg or arm as if it’s asleep? Although it is harmless and temporary, it can be scary at times. When there is constant pressure on the nerves, you are hampering them from transmitting messages to the brain, which makes you feel it is sleeping. The best solution for this is to switch positions.

Laughing Until You Cry


Accept it. You have already laughed so hard that you eventually started crying. But why does that happen? Our body reacts to different emotions. According to Robert R. Provine, PhD, both crying and laughing are similar psychological reactions that are brought about by extreme emotions.

Why Do We Cry When We Slice Onions?


There is a scientific explanation why you cry when you are cutting onions. When you slice an onion, you are rupturing its cells, which results in the release of enzymes that produce propanethial sulfoxide. Once the gas hits your eyes, it mixes with tears, producing a mild sulfuric acid. To get rid of the pain, the brain tells the tear glands to keep working to flush out the gases.

Brain Freeze


Of course, you have already drunk a milkshake too fast that you had a horrible headache. The painful sensation is called brain freeze. It happens when something so cold touches the nerves in the roof of the mouth, which triggers the blood vessels to swell. Since the swelling happens so fast, a terrible headache is felt. To avoid this, you need to eat cold foods a bit slow.



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