This Girl Took Her Senior Pictures at Taco Bell …She Ended Up Winning The Internet


Senior year is the phase when we have to say good-bye to our best friends in high school. It is also that time when we take pictures to remember how we look like in our last year in high school. It can be so awkward, and choosing a location might be difficult, especially when your photographer is feeling the pressure. But one high school girl decided to do something different and chose the location that she thinks would best sum up her high-school years.

Brittany Nicole Creech decided that she’ll pose for her photos . . . in a local Taco Bell.

Little did Brittany know that this idea of posing in a local Taco Bell will gain so many praises from netizens and her friends. She totally pulled it off when she teamed up with Brendan Batchelor, a famous Missouri-based photographer. Brendan took dazzling shots that could possibly be part of the fast-food chain’s next advertising campaign.

It can also be recalled that Brittany once tweeted that one of her goals in life is to be part of a Taco Bell commercial. When her pictures came out, the restaurant already noticed her by retweeting her photos. Maybe next time we spot a Taco Bell billboard, we’ll see her flashing a huge smile while ordering a Crunch Wrap Supreme.


You totally nailed it, Brittany!

These senior pictures are so cute and adorable it makes us hungry and buy a food in Taco Bell.

This is the reason many people retweeted her post. Most girls probably love food more than any boy in the world, aperfect proof that sometimes, you should follow your stomach, not your heart.


She’s really natural. She looks perfectly good in every picture. Taco Bell should hire her, shouldn’t they? What do you think?

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