She Has a Doll-Like Face …But What This Young Woman Does as a Habit Will Shock You


Judging from her face, it is safe to say that Julia Vins has the look of a porcelain doll. But don’t let her innocent features fool you, this woman has the strength that can match any man. Vins crushes not only her opponent when it comes to weight-lifting contests but also the stereotype on women bodybuilders.

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Vins, a 19-year-old young woman from Russia, is now a rising Internet star. People flock to compliment her on her good looks and muscles that she’s gained from all the weight lifting exercises she did. But from the looks of it, a lot of people are more fixated on her face than her body.

Followers of Vins on her Instagram account have been a mix of people who are either captivated or intimidated. Who wouldn’t be? With that body, she looks like she can beat anyone who tries to mess with her.


It isn’t every day you see a mix of good looks and a strong physique. To top it all off, Vins also has numerous power lifting records under her belt.


Hearing she has a doll-like face is a compliment Vins has long been getting from people around her. But in order to find her real objective in life, she turned to weight lifting. She doesn’t mind the comparison to Barbie though, as she often accentuates her beautiful round eyes with makeup even while weight lifting. Vins believes that women have the right to feel sexy and feminine at the same time.

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