She Lost Her Dad to Cancer Before Her Wedding …What Her Brother Did for Her Moved Her to Tears


Another heartwarming moment touched the hearts of everyone in the Internet. Male members of a certain family did a sentimental father-and-daughter dance in honor of the bride’s father who passed away months before her wedding.

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Andrea Middleton‘s father died from pancreatic cancer before her special wedding day. Knowing his sister would be sad over the absence of their father on her big day, Andrea’s brother Nick planned something special for the supposed father-daughter dance.

On the wedding day, Nick spoke before the guests. Holding back his tears, he said, “We’re missing someone pretty important this evening that would be obviously here for the dance with his little girl. So I decided I wanted to do something special.”

Bob Carlisle‘s hit song “Butterfly Kisses” was played, and one by one, the bride danced with all the men in the family.


The first dance was with Andrea’s grandfather, followed by her two brothers Luke and Nick, and the last one was with her father-in-law, Scott. After the video was uploaded on YouTube, hundreds of people expressed their love for the touching tribute.

Nick shares his thoughts with the video getting popular. He remarked, “None of us thought it would get this much attention, but we’re all glad it’s touching so many people.”

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