Shopkeeper Catches 4-Year-Old Falling 15ft from an Escalator, Saving His Life


A shopkeeper became a hero when he saved a four-year-old who was in a dangerous situation. The unnamed child was playing on an escalator in a shopping mall in Istanbul. With his parents not paying attention, the boy climbed the outside of the escalator.

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When shopkeeper Ali Apari saw the child, he ran over to help him. The child fell from the top of the escalator into Ali’s arms. Ali told local reporters that he had noticed the child playing near the escalators, and at first, he thought nothing of it. Then someone told him that the child was climbing on the outside of the escalator rail.

Ali then ran outside just in time to see the child was very close to falling. Despite Ali’s health problems, he was able to catch the toddler when he fell off the side of the railing.

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