Slender Man Sightings in Cannock Chase Spark Debate


The slender man has been a staple figure in Internet folklore. Over the years, the slender man has taken several names mostly depending on its geographical location. For example, it is known as Fear Dubh or “The Dark Man” in Scotland while the Germans dub the slender man as Der Grosse Man, which literally translates to Tall Man.

While it has been around through various representations, it has resurfaced from the mind of an online user and has since then expanded into a video game and even sparked controversy in the near fatal stabbing incident that transpired in Wisconsin.

Public interest on this paranormal being does not seem to show any signs of wrapping anytime soon as numerous witnesses have claimed to see the slender man lurking beyond its place in the dark and often sinister side of the Internet.

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Slender Man

The alleged Slender Man sightings below have transpired around Cannock, a countryside area in Staffordshire, England, around the months of December 2014 to January 2015. The authenticity of these claims have yet to be confirmed, but according to paranormal investigator Lee Brickley, this could be a perfect opportunity to investigate why the tall and tentacle limb creature had reached their humble town.

Lee Brickley, paranormal investigator and author

Brickley has been a well-known local figure in Cannock. The slender man isn’t the only paranormal case he has reported on. Last year, he did an article on the Black-Eyed Child, which was allegedly captured in video when a team of ghost hunters were roaming the woods after locals reported seeing the being around the area.

In comparison, sightings of the Black-Eyed Child have been focused on the dense woods of Cannock,but the Slender Man seems to be a lot more terrifying as many have claimed that it has gone inside their houses.

“As far as the Cannock Chase cases go, it’s still early days. I’m monitoring the witnesses to see if the events repeat themselves. However, it looks likely that most of the incidents that happened within local homes can be put down to sleep paralysis. I draw that conclusion based on the circumstances surrounding the events, and the condition and personality of those involved,” Brickley wrote on his Web site.

One of the sightings recorded and posted by Brickley on his Web site happened to a resident at 2:00 a.m. The witness says that it stopped right on their track and was dressed suspiciously like an old English gentleman. He or she depicted the being to look just like another figure in popular folklore: Spring Heeled Jack.

Spring Heeled Jack has been a notorious creature that is said to have tormented England during the Victorian Era. Its relation to the Slender Man could be a result of the evolution of folklore over the years. Either way, the witness in Cannock seems pretty convinced about what he saw.

The second sighting came from a woman named Pye Green. This time, the Slender Man had struck in her home around the same time the first witness spotted the creature. She said, “As I tried to get out of bed and investigate further, the shadow began to stretch towards the ceiling. It was at that point I found myself faced with the most disgusting and horrific creature imaginable. It was about 8 feet tall, and had a white face with razor sharp fangs.”

Green even goes on to compare the Slender Man to a vampire, especially when it reached out to attack her. Green was only able to escape her ordeal when she screamed, which drove the Slender Man to leave the room.

Another witness, whose name was withheld for privacy reasons, also claimed to be attacked by the Slender Man from his own home. Also happening at two in the morning, the eyewitness said that he saw the Slender Man after hearing loud banging in his room. What was terrifying about this account was that the witness said that the creature was almost speaking to him telepathically.

“Although he didn’t speak, I knew what he was thinking. It was as though he was talking to me telepathically. He definitely wanted to hurt me, but there was something stopping him,” the witness said through Brickley’s Web site. “It was almost like he was someone gaining power from scaring me though. Maybe something bad will happen when he gets strong enough?”

The witness ended his torment when the Slender Man disappeared all of a sudden. The chilling details of this story and the fact that his description of the creature matched with the rest just made this account spine-tingling.

Brickley said that while sleep paralysis might be a logical explanation, it still did not explain the spookiness of the Staffordshire forest in Cannock. He even went as far as suggesting that this could be the same entity that had the ability to morph into different fearful creatures. As of this writing, there had yet to be a clear explanation and conclusion to all these hair-raising sightings.

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