This Soldier Returns Home After 9 Months and Meets His Daughter for the First Time



Even if it’s against their will, soldiers must face the most unfortunate part of their job, which is deployment. When they are assigned to distant places, they are expected to leave their family and friends for a couple of months or longer. These brave men and women won’t be able to see or talk to them regularly. Basically, this is one great sacrifice they have to accept as part of serving the country they love.

By the time Lieutenant Dan was deployed to Afghanistan, he had to leave his wife behind, along with his dog, and a special addition to his family, who has not yet arrived. After a few months, his wife gave birth to a lovely baby girl. Sadly, he wasn’t there to witness the glorious moment. When he went home from deployment, he finally got the chance to meet his daughter for the very first time.

The heartwarming event was caught on camera, and for sure, its gonna leave you in tears.

Watch the video here:


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