Sperm Donor Father Meets His Dozens of Kids for the First Time!


Sperm donor who has donated “around 400 times” meets a few of his biological children. It was the same kids who organized their family reunion.

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Todd Whitehurst saw an advert that was looking for volunteers to donate sperm in 1998. Whitehurst wanted to help out, and so he donated his sperm. He also signed a form that stated that he would remain unidentified as a donor. However, a few years later, Whitehurst was contacted by a group of kids who were actually his biological children.


Whitehurst was shocked to know that he had fathered dozens of kids thanks to his sperm donation. American news channel CBS even filmed Whitehurst meeting his other children for the first time. In the video, Whitehurst exits the car and lovingly embraces his children.

Today, Whitehurst now shares some quality time with his huge family. They even spend the holidays together and go on trips.


One of the kids was able to communicate with Whitehurst with the help of a Web site called Donor Sibling Registry. Amazingly, this site can match the donor ID of the father and be able to contact the donor.


Twenty-year-old Sarah had her first met up with Whitehurst at Cape Cod and described the experience as “overwhelming.”


Every time Whitehurst meets his biological children for the first time, he says he feels wonderful as well as some sort of fatherly pride.

Wendy Kramer was the one who launched the Donor Sibling Registry after her son insisted to meet his biological father. She said, “It’s an innate human desire to want to know where we come from.” There’s even one donor who has been able to father around 200 children, according to Kramer.


Whitehurst was able to visit the very same clinic 400 times for the span of  four years. Each of those visits could contribute to 24 productive samples. So Whitehurst has been able to produce 9,600 samples to the sperm bank.


Whitehurst knows 22 of his children and believes there are others out there who will soon reveal themselves.

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