Spooky Photos of Airplanes Left to Ruin in the Oddest Locations


When cars get into accidents, we usually see them at the side of the road for some time before the tow trucks come to take them away. But have you ever seen an abandoned aircraft? Surely they’re big and expensive, and probably not something that people would just leave behind—but it may not seem to be the case as there are a lot of planes that are just abandoned. Granted, they don’t usually land in the most accessible areas. Take a look.

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Watery Grave


Plane wreckage on the beach. Would pirates be coming for forgotten treasures?

Strange Collection


This ex military aircraft was assembled on a farm in the US—but it never got to fight as it was left there, abandoned.

Happy Landings


No fatalities were recorded after this plane crash-landed, but despite picking up the survivors, nobody came back to pick up the debris.

Left to Rot


Just another air force plane in an unknown location.



How the plane even got to this part of town is a mystery.

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