Plastic Surgeon Turned His Wife into the Perfect Woman


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During her first bodybuilding competition, Veronica decided to enter the bikini division but did not place. David, on the other hand, placed third in the 35 and older men’s physique division and fourth in the 45 and older division.

This did not deter the couple, though, and they went on to plan about their next competitions. In prepration, they eat six carefully planned meals of lean chicken, fish, rice, and vegetables. David said, “I always eat healthy. A lot of my business is fat, doing liposuction all the time, but I don’t like fat. I tell people I watch my weight, and I watch my wife’s weight too.”

Somehow, Veronica understood. She even joked that even though her husband loves her for who she is, “There’s a fat clause there.”

In fact, David is so conscious about how he and his wife look, that he admits to having scales in the house to ensure that they stay healthy. “We have scales in the house, basically in the master bedroom. I weigh myself, and I do it every single day, sometimes twice a day. We also have lot of mirrors around the house. A lot of times, just in the gym, I want to look at our muscles,” he said.

The couple’s love for fitness did not extend to nine-year-old Isabella, though. Veronica noted that like most children, their daughter is not too fond of health food. “She eats what David cooks, but if we tell her if she’s eating healthy, she says, ‘No, healthy food doesn’t taste good.'”

This is why Veronica admits to treating her daughter and spoiling themselves with an occasional snack. “Her and I, we will spoil ourselves. We get frozen yogurt.”

The lack of love for healthy food is not the only thing that’s different. Isabella also said that she has no interest of getting plastic surgery when she’s older. “I would never really want to get surgery, because it’s not really you, like I want to be myself,” the schoolgirl shared.

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