This Guy Must Be the World’s Sweetest Magician…He Turned His Trick Into a Wedding Proposal




Magic is the performance of tricks or the creation of illusions done by a magician. It is a type of performing art that has long been entertaining audiences from all walks of life. Many of us have been tricked by a magician and believed that what they did was real. Maybe some of their magic tricks are a bit classic, but still, we couldn’t find how they pulled off the trick without leaving any hints.

But have you ever wondered how magicians act when it comes to a serious relationship? Do you think they do all the sweet stuff through magic too? It’s time for you to know this guy.

This sweet magician tricked his girlfriend with one-of-a-kind magic, an act he didn’t stop practicing until he perfected it. (You know what they say, practice makes perfect.) And the time he deemed most right to show it? On a date.




The magician wanted her girlfriend to be the first one to witness his newest magic trick, so he planned a date and told her that he learned a new act. What happened next shocked her girlfriend . . . and this proposal will probably leave you in awe too.

Watch and see how the magic turned out in the video below.

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