The 51st Paris Air Show Takes Aviation to a Whole New Level



Every two years, the Paris Air Show is something aviation enthusiasts look forward to. This year’s event is the fifty-first show, since the first one was witnessed in 1908 in Grand Palais. The Paris Air Show is said to be the calendar-oldest air show in the world. it is held at every odd year at Le Bourget Airport in Paris, France.

Gizmag joins the crowds at the 51st Paris International Air Show

This year’s show was held last June 15–21, 2015. Though the gloomy skies posed a threat to the always-exciting event, the show went on smoothly. It was participated by 2,303 exhibitors from forty-eight countries; 151, 000 trade visitors were there; and 200,000 from the general public flew miles to see it for themselves. A total of 130 aircrafts took flight at the time.

A Boeing 777-300 ER commanding quite a lot of static display space at Le Bourget

The Paris Air Show is a showcase of military and civilian aircraft from different manufacturers, attempting to attract potential customers. Major aircraft sales contracts are divulged and sealed during the show.

Airbus and Boeing are the two manufacturers that have the highest number of orders. This year, Airbus dominated the game, which also what happened in 2013, with 421 orders and commitment worth $57 billion. Airbus launched A380 in the show, which they also showcased in the last event but was upsized this year. Sadly enough, orders for the aircraft is as round as zero.

More than anything else, acrobatic formation displays were still the star of the show. The A380, Rafale, and Boeing 787 flights received the most praises.

Rafale flight
Boeing 787



The eight Alphajets of the Patrouille de France were applauded the loudest. And the takeoff of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamer is a big thing around the Web now.

If you didn’t get the chance to watch the air show, worry not. Below are more pictures from the show. Feast on them for now. The next show will be on June 19–25, 2017, so you have quite a lot of time to prepare for it.

Canadian plane-maker Bombardier launched its C-Series passenger jets at the 2015 Paris International Air Show

Show-goers could climb aboard this Boeing 787 Dreamliner for a look around the cabin of the 56.7 m long passenger aircraft in Qatar Airways livery

A Chinook (CH-47F) from Boeing, with two Honeywell 55-GA-714S engines making 3,750 shp each

The huge belly of the Airbus A400M military transporter can accommodate an NH90 helicopter or a VBCI infantry fighting vehicle or 116 troops

The interior of the wheeled combat vehicle is not quite as grand as that of the A400M in which it sits



An AH-64D helicopter, otherwise known as an Apache Longbow. The 2 GE T700-GE-701C engines deliver 1,940 shp each and power the helicopter up to a top speed of 160 kt (296 km/h)

The A400M has a four TP400-D6 powerplant, with each engine rated at 11,000 shp

The Airbus A400M's vertical climb shortly after takeoff

The Airbus A400M has a maximum range of 4,800 nautical miles (8,900 km)

For such a behemoth, the A400M is surprisingly nimble in the air



Airbus says that the A400M is the only airlifter capable of delivering large helicopters, heavy armored vehicles, excavators or logistic trucks onto an unpaved airstrip or in the theater of operations

The CS300 from Bombardier takes to the air over Le Bourget

Despite a rather gloomy day at Le Bourget, Bombadier has high hopes for its new CS300 commercial jet

Visitors to the ATR stand at Le Bourget were offered a VR tour courtesy of an Oculus headset supported by Logitech headphones

An ATR-600 series aircraft on display at the Paris Air Show



The AT-6 Wolverine has a maximum ferry range of 1,725 nautical miles (3.195 km) with four external fuel tanks

All teeth and turboprop - the AT-6 Wolverine

A rear view of Beechcraft's multi-role, multi-mission AT-6 Wolverine at the Paris Air Show

A <a href="">Eurocopter X3</a> hybrid helicopter demonstrator tucked away behind the main static displays at the Paris Air Show

There were a number of flight simulation and ground control modules on display at the Paris Air Show



The Shadow (RQ-7) Tactical Unmanned Aerial System from AAI, with a 14 ft wingspan and powered by a 38 hp rotary engine

DLR's Advanced Technology Research Aircraft - an Airbus A320-232 - is used to investigate, among other things, new comfort and safety concepts in the cabin, and new communications technologies

Director of the Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace at Le Bourget, Catherine Maunoury, shows off her pilot skills in an Extra 330 aerobatic monoplane

The new light twin multi-role H135 helicopter from Airbus on Gendarmerie duty at Le Bourget airport

This Diamond DA42 MPP Guardian features two Austro AE300 engines for a maximum cruise speed of 171 kt (317 km/h)



The NH90 Caiman combat helicopter

Mission equipment for the NH90 can include tactical 360 degree radar, dipping sonar, tactical FLIR and single or dual mission consoles

The NH90 Caiman is described as a primary weapon system in the defense of a surface fleet

The NH90 Caiman in a vertical dive toward Le Bourget

A NH90 Caiman ready for marine operations



The NH90 is 19.56 m long, has a fuselage width of 3.63 m and is 4.2 m in height

It was thought that the <a href="">Philae comet lander</a> was in hibernation, but maybe ESA was just looking in the wrong place - here it is in Paris
"See, Sense, Sting" can be seen on the nose of this Textron AirLand Scorpion, making its Paris debut

The Falcon 7X business jet, said to be the first certified with a digital flight control system and the most fuel efficient in its class

The top of the line Falcon 8X is powered by three Pratt and Whitney PW307D engines



The Falcon 8X is offered in a choice of 30 cabin configurations

A US Air Force F-15E - Strike Eagle - is capable of Mach 2.5+ and has room for a pilot and weapons system officer

Parrot's minidrone booth at the Paris Air Show proves a popular stop off point for visitors

Jumping Sumos and tiny minidrones dance for the assembled crowds



A new hybrid propulsion system installed in a CFM-Dardo light plane

A new hybrid propulsion system has been designed by Ashot Ashkelon, Efesto and CFM Air as an add-on kit for Rotax engines

"Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944" is written on the side of this Piper PA-18-125 Super Cub

Piaggio's Avanti EVO is reported to offer superior climb performance, class-leading fuel economy and a custom-made cabin

Two Turbomeca Arriel 2E engines power this Airbus H145M armed multi-role light twin helicopter



A Dassault Rafale against a gloomy gray Le Bourget sky

The Dassault Rafale has a wingspan of 10.9 m, is 15.3 m long and 5.30 m high, and is capable of Mach 1.8

The 7.62 mm machine gun in the forward sliding window of this H225M Caracal helicopter has Gizmag in its sights

Show highlights are not only found in the halls and static display, the museum has its interesting aircraft, too, such as this Leduc 022

Designed to reach Mach 2.5, the Leduc 022 never realized its potential and the project was canceled in late 1957



Diamond Aircraft's DA42 OPV (Optionally Piloted Vehicle)

A TAI/AgustaWestland T129 ATAK tandem two-seat, twin engine attack helicopter features a LHTEC CTS-800 4A powerplant and an operational range of 561 km

The four-engine A380 is said to be the world's largest passenger airliner

Stratasys demonstrates 3D printing technology used for the production of seat end caps, armrest caps, seat framework, wall panels and HVAC air ducts

A Cessna sporting brand colors for a certain popular carbonated soft drink



The E-Fan electric airplane was at Le Bourget again this year, 2 years after making its first public flight

Airbus displayed a full scale mock up of the upcoming all-electric <a href="">E-Fan 2.0</a> pilot trainer at the Paris Air Show

The fuselage and wing structures of the Airbus A350 XWB are made, for the most part, using carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer

The CubCrafters Carbon Cub EX arrives in Europe

A Vaylon flying car - a dune buggy sporting a large propeller and a paraglider wing



The H160 helicopter <a href="">took to the air for the first time</a> just before the doors opened to the 51st Paris Air Show

According to Poland's Flaris, Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson has <a href="">announced plans</a> to buy several LAR01 four-seat jets

Malloy Aeronautics has <a href="">revealed</a> that a version of its quad-rotor Hoverbike is being developed for the US Department of Defense


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