Teen Hailed Hero After Lifting Burning Truck to Save Dad Trapped Underneath It


A teenager in Virginia makes news after she showed unbelievable strength by lifting a burning truck to save the life of her father.

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The father of Charlotte Heffelmire was working on his truck when he suddenly got pinned underneath it. Things got even worse when gasoline spilled over the floor and the vehicle was caught on fire.


The 19-year-old didn’t succeed with her first attempt to lift the truck, but she didn’t give up and tried again and again until she was able to get her father out to safety. Afterward, she ran to guide her family out of their house.


She and her father, Eric, sat with Fox and Friends Weekend to share their amazing story.


Charlotte said that when she arrived at the scene, there was fire already, and so she just let her adrenaline rush high and did what she could.

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Charlotte’s quick response saved the lives of the six members of her family. To recognize her bravery, she was given a Citizen Lifesaving Award by the local community firemen.

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