Teen Who Smashed His Head in Gymnastics Accident Wakes Up from Coma


He met a devastating accident that almost led to his death, but 15-year-old gymnast Blake Hyland proved that with determination and support from his family, it’s never impossible to recover.

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Blake was trying to perfect a stunt when he missed the foam landing pit and landed on the concrete floor instead. He was rushed to the Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth. After checking on his condition and running a few tests, the doctors told Blake’s parents, Pat and Cyndi Hyland, that the boy had 50-50 chance of survival. But the couple remained positive that their son would survive the ordeal.

“When they showed us the images, it was emotional, I’m not going to lie. It was sad, a punch to the gut, the worst feeling you could ever imagine as a parent. But I remember at that point turned to my wife, grabbed her hand, and I looked at the doctors, and I said, ‘We appreciate your diagnosis, but our God is bigger than that, and our son will walk out of this hospital one day,'” Pat said.


True enough, Blake did try his best to stay away from death’s door. One by one, he showed signs of progress. he started moving one of his legs, then lifted up the other one. He braved the heavens and even tried to walk even though his body was still weak. Blake just did not stop trying.

Almost a year after the tragic accident, the Hyland family was very happy when they were advised that Blake could finally come back home. Although he would still need to undergo therapy to improve his memory and his body, his parents were overcome with joy when their son came out of the hospital.



Even though he had to endure so much pain, Blake said that he was still glad it all happened because through it, he was able to inspire people.

While most people thought that Blake wouldn’t survive that, his father said God has his own ways, and he knew that it was Him who saved his son.

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Blake wanted to continue living his life, bringing the lessons he learned from the accident as his weapon. After he was discharged, he entered school again as a tenth grader.

And it seems like his passion for gymnastics never went away. “I wish to be able to jump up and down,” he mentioned.

Cyndi is clueless as to where God is leading her son, but she says that wherever it is, they will be happy for him.

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