The Marauder Can Smash Through Walls and Survive Land Mines …Are You Ready for the Apocalypse?



The Marauder is an extremely flexible and agile battlefield vehicle with outstanding mine and ballistic protection. The armored car, which is capable of smashing through walls and withstanding blasts from ballistic missiles, has been photographed roaring through a testing facility. It accommodates a crew of two at the front plus 8 fully equipped soldiers at the rear.


The Marauder is described as the world’s most unstoppable vehicle. It was put through its paces near Pretoria in South Africa. The armored car can be used as a simple armored personnel carrier or as an effective wheeled combat vehicle through the addition of appropriate weapon systems, making it ideal for conventional and non-conventional missions.


The Paramount Group has received thousands of inquiries from members of the public eager to buy one of the Marauders. It can be supplied in standard or stretched versions, which offer extra space to carry more troops and extra storage. The military vehicle makes light work of rough terrain, despite weighing up to 20 tons when fully kitted-out with protective casing.


The Marauder is so strong it can smash through brick walls at high speeds and with its six cylinder turbo diesel engine, the armored car can hit speeds of up to 75mph on the road. It is also strong enough to survive a land mine explosion. This picture is taken at a testing facility in South Africa.


The company only sells the Marauders to the government. “It is a clean sheet design, one of the world’s most advanced and modern armored vehicles, it has very high levels of protection as a standard against land mines and ballistic attacks,” says Nico de Klerk from the Paramount Group. Only sovereign governments can purchase the vehicles as well as governments that have been approved by the South African government and the UN.





Despite weighing up to 20 tons when fully kitted-out with protective casing, the military vehicle can go through any rough terrain. The 20-ton Marauder was originally developed for peacekeeping and reconnaissance missions. It is by far the world’s most iconic armored vehicle.


The military vehicle can carry eight fully-equipped troops, including the driver and a commander and can travel at speeds of up to 75mph – despite its size. The tough and versatile Marauder has become one of the best-known armored vehicles in the world since its launch in 2007.



The Marauder has been filmed twice when it was put through its paces at the Paramount Group’s very own Battle Creek facility near Rustenburg and the Gerotek testing facility outside Pretoria.



Watch the video of the impenetrable Marauder below:


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