The Most Unique Video in the History of Marriages …Awesome!


No other pet can compare the loyalty a dog can offer. So when he doubles as videographer and a loving pet, what more can you ask for?


When Addie and Marshall Burnette decided to marry on top of a snowy mountain, and they enlisted the help of their dog Ryder.

wed11 wed8

Ryder had a GoPro attached to his back and he chronicled the wonderful day with the footage he captured.


wed1 wed10

The couple did take a while to edit the clip as we all know dogs can be mischievous. But they’re clearly happy with the results.

“I think dogs have a sense of things and know when something special is happening,” Addie said.


wed9 wed3

Not only were they saved from the cost of hiring a videographer, but they also got the special day documented from the vantage point of a special member of the family.




wed2 wed4

We can’t help commend Ryder on the great job!



Watch the video below.

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