These People Gather Around a Dog at a Beach- The Reason Why is Truly Inspiring



When summer comes, dog owners spend time with their pets on Davis Island Dog Beach in Tampa, Florida. It is a known beach that features a 200-feet long waterfront. Although the activities here everyday are almost the same, this past week, a heart-thumping accident took place.

At one point, beach-goers noticed a huge Labrador, who seemed to be drowning in the water. He immediately pulled him out of the water and placed him onto the sand. It was then when they realized that the dog had swallowed plenty of saltwater. He was already having trouble breathing. So, the onlookers came together and helped the poor dog and his owners.

Through the efforts of locals and the fire department, the dog was fortunately saved.







Just like human beings, dogs also get hot and thirst. So, in the event they don’t get access to fresh water, they usually resort to drinking saltwater, and it is something that should be avoided. For dogs, drinking saltwater can cause them to vomit or become dehydrated. This can even lead to a serious condition called beach diarrhea. This happens when too much salt water is accumulated in the intestine of the dogs.

According to

“Your dog should take a break from exercise every fifteen minutes while on the beach; take him into the shade and make sure he drinks fresh water. Have your dog sit or lie down in the shade to rest.”

The aim of the video is to recognize the efforts of the men and women who gathered and helped save the life of the dog and to warn every dog owner to take extra measures when enjoying the hot summer days with their furry pals.

Watch the video below:



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