These Guys Ventured Into the Sensabaugh Tunnel …What They Found Will Give You Goosebumps



Located in Church Hill, Tenessee, the Sensabaugh Tunnel is a 348 feet long tunnel often confused with the mysterious Click Tunnel.  Though it has been used for years, the main reason it was built remains unknown.

According to locals, lots of travelers get lost in the tunnel. And before that, they also said 16 men of the Clinchfield Railroad reportedly died while widening it in the year 1920. Until now, there has been no evidence to support any of these stories.

But, one thing is for sure, long ago, a beautiful yet natural tunnel existed, where the Sensabaugh Tunnel was built. The slaves of Hawkins County would hide here until they found it safe to come out.

One notable story was about the mistress of a Hawkins County man. Along with her three kids, she waited in the tunnel for the right time to escape. Unfortunately, her mad master found her. He immediately grabbed her baby and smashed it against the wall, killing it. He then took a gun and shot the other kids and the mistress.

Legends suggest that the crying voice often heard in the creepy Sensabaugh Tunnel belongs to the baby.


To find out the truth about the eerie and bizarre happenings, two friends named Chris and Jordan went to the tunnel to investigate on April 22, 2008.

The first time they entered the tunnel, they only stayed for about 7 minutes. The pair heard voices from the end of the tunnel, some of which were captured on the recorder.

While looking around, Chris also claimed to have seen something flying inside. So, they decided to leave.

They finally went out to look for a place to listen to what they’ve recorded. Somewhere near Sensabaugh tunnel, they found a church parking lot. They both agreed to stop there and play the recorder.

While listening, a black dog suddenly appeared in front of their car. It was very creepy because it stayed there for a couple of minutes. What’s creepier is that it had no eyes. Nevertheless, they just ignored it and went back to the tunnel again.

The second time they went inside, their stay was longer. It took them about 20 minutes. Just like their first attempt, they also heard odd voices from the other end of the tunnel.

On April 27, 2008, Jordan decided to go back to the tunnel. But this time, he brought another close friend, Brandon.

It was a rainy Sunday night, a perfect night to do some ghost hunting activities.

For Jordan, it was by far, “the freakiest experience”.  Inside the tunnel, he felt someone blow on him twice by an unknown entity and his friend was touched on the back and neck. He also heard someone whispering in his ear. He didn’t know what was happening, but still, he decided to ask questions to the spirit. To his surprise, the entity would find a way to respond, whispering “yes”, making strange noises on the other end of the tunnel, or even touching him on his back. It seems that the entity didn’t want Jordan to leave.

He then asked if it was okay to take photos. Unusual sounds were then heard from the opening of the tunnel. Because he believed it was a “yes”, he took a picture facing the direction where the sound was coming from. When he looked at his shot, he saw a prominent orb.



Such are the incidents that usually happen at the Sensabaugh Tunnel. Based on these stories, one must find the courage to venture into such a haunted area. So, if you are brave and foolhardy enough, maybe you’d like to visit …Who knows you might have the same encounter as Jordan and his friends.