These Puppy’s Yawns are Probably the Cutest Thing You will See All Day


People prefer to live with dogs for different reasons—to have a guard in the house, to have someone to cuddle with, or to play with them to overcome boredom. But some also pet these animals for one reason—to get a daily dose of cuteness. Puppies are like human babies, they can’t help but do cute things that make us smile. They either make cutesy sounds or simply close their eyes and snuggle. But here’s a video compilation of puppies doing one thing that make them the cutest thing ever—yawning.

Because these animals also sleep, they also have their sign of showing it is already bedtime for them. And when these puppies start opening their mouth, paired with eyes that look sleepy but still adorable, we can’t help but smile at this wonderful sight.






This video gives us tenfold of happiness.

They are even cute enough when they are dozing off, but their yawns surely are cuter than a human’s. Here are GIFs from around the Web of puppies yawning.





Here are more videos that show a puppy’s yawn is the cutest.

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