This Dad Didn’t Want to Speak at His Daughter’s Wedding …Find Out What He Did Instead


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Dad is a very important part of a woman’s wedding day. No one can ever replace the bride’s father during the whole ceremony, from the moment he walks her down the aisle to that tear-jerking father-and-daughter dance.

Giving away his little girl is never easy for a dad. It takes a lot of time and tremendous strength to finally let someone go and live their own life. However, it’s a gesture that means the world to both sides, and it’s also an extraordinary moment. But here’s one dad who decided to do something extra special to let his daughter know that he will always love her, and he did it on her special day.

dad's gift for daughter's wedding

Nicole Cortez‘s father shows his love for her daughter by sign-singing the song “I Loved Her First” by the band Heartland, a video of which was uploaded by Nicole on YouTube. She was surprised and delighted that her dad learned to do sign language for the whole song just for her. Nicole is a sign language interpreter so she understood everything.



He did a great job, and you can see the emotion while he was performing. “This meant the world to me” he said and it took him the entire year to learn how to sign this song,” Cortez said on YouTube.

Dad signing - I loved her first

Dad signing - I loved her first

The end of the video is the best part. This is where Nicole’s dad signed “I’m watching you” to his new son-in-law, then made shape of a heart.

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