This Dog Called 911 During a Fire and then Lead Her Blind Owner To Safety



Heroes don’t always wear capes, sometimes, they wear a collar.

Last week, a fire broke out at the home of Maria Colon in Philadelphia. Fortunately, her service dog, Yolanda, was there. She braved the fire and went above and beyond just to save the life of the human she loves the most.

Colon is visually impaired. And by the time the fire broke, she was fast asleep. It was the smell of the smoke that woke her up Wednesday evening. She had little time to react. So, before she could become suffocated with smoke, she quickly called out her dog, yelling “danger”. Apparently, that word is something Yolanda was trained to.




Yolanda immediately went to help out. Surprisingly, she was able to press the emergency button on the telephone, calling the 911 operators.

Colon told NBC 10 News, “I hear the phone – tke, tke, tke. And she’s growling. And I said, ‘Oh my Lord, she called the police'”.

Yolanda’s actions didn’t just end there. After she alerted the authorities, she went back to help Colon. She guided her master out of the burning building to safety. Because of the excellent training Yolanda has, she and her master Colon were saved. However, both needed to be treated for smoke inhalation. But still, at the end of the day, they were united.


Watch Colon discuss the accident in the video below:


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