This Will Leave You in Tears …She Finds Kidney Match in Her Tinder Flame


At first, she thought it was just an ordinary box of goodies. However, this present from her thoughtful girlfriend was something that turned out to be totally life-changing.

Lori Interlicchio gave a gift box to her girlfriend Alana Duran. She opened it, and she was glad to see her favorite stuff—gel pens, Altoids, and some Star Wars–themed Band-Aids. However, when she reached the bottom, she saw something she didn’t expect. It was a card that says her girlfriend was a compatible kidney donor.

At the age of 12, Alana was diagnosed with the chronic inflammatory disease Lupus, which degraded her health, forced her to need a Pacemaker and a hip replacement, and caused her kidneys to fail. Because of that, the vibrant young lady was forced to undergo dialysis ten hours every night.

For four years, Alana’s family kept looking for a kidney donor that will match hers. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find one, not even within the family.

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Unexpectedly, Alana and Lori found each other on Tinder. They started dating in September. Later on, Lori underwent several tests to find out whether she could be a match.

Lori decided to get funny when breaking the news. She took a video camera to film Alana as she opened the gifts. For every item she got, Alana would happily chirp. Finally, when she reached the bottom, she saw two cards. She then read them out loud.

“I’m making you choose between me and that damn dialysis machine,” she reads off the red card. Though she seemed puzzled, she quickly took the other card, which said, “Tattoos are cool, but I’d rather get matching scars.”

Finally, she took the largest placard at the bottom of the box, which has the words “It’s a match!” and circled photos of the two girls.

Alana couldn’t believe what she read. She cried, “Oh my god! This is amazing.”

When she managed to catch her breath, she said, “I’ll have to call my mom.”

Alana narrated that when she met Lori on Tinder, not one of them expected their relationship would end up as something like this. She shared, “It’s kind of crazy, if you think about it. Even my long-term friends, they would ask me if they could help, but then never get tested. It’s unbelievable to me that she would do this, especially so soon. It says a lot about her character.”

As of the moment, the two are scheduled for an operation on February 2016. Duran also recalled that Lori gave her the assurance that even if they break up, she wouldn’t be taking her kidney away.

“Alana is just a good person who deserves a functioning kidney, and I have two. The fact that she’s beautiful and hysterical and I love her very much was just a bonus,” explained Lori.

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