Man is Reunited with the Baby He Saved 58 Years Ago


Fate has a funny way of working in its own time and place. For this story, we have to go back over half a century. In an event that started with an afternoon routine in the woods, David Hickman never dreamed how his life—and the life of a grateful stranger—changed.

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He was still 14 years old at that time. The date was the 22nd of September, 1955, but what could have been just another day in the woods turned out to be one out of the ordinary.

What he calls as “being in the right place at the right time,” they heard a sound that did not resonate to the normal ones they heard in the forest.


The weather during that day had been cold and wet, unfavorable conditions to be out without shelter. So when he sought out the sound of a baby cooing, his fears were confirmed.


A baby, around a year old, was left alone in the woods. Hickman described her as clearly suffering from the cold.

“She was soaking wet. Her lips were blue. She was just wrapped in a towel,” he recalls. “My grandfather said, ‘We have to do something real quick, we have to get help for the baby.’”

After calling the authorities, the baby was treated in a hospital and nicknamed Roseann Wayne.


Little Roseanne was put up for adoption when no one came up to claim her. A few months later, it was time for Hickman to bid his good-bye.


With the lack of advancement to conveniently track a person down, Dave couldn’t reach Roseann or the family who adopted her when they separated. So he went through with his life empty-handed.


It was on one fateful day in the year 2013 when he decided to look for the baby he had formed a special bond with. Hickman discovered that she had been renamed by her adoptive parents to Mary Ellen Suey, and despite the many years of living happily under the comfort of her new family, she never forgot the young teenage boy who gave her a second shot in life.


Their reunion was touching. There were a lot of catching up to do and tears to shed. It took 58 years for them to be reunited, and it certainly was as emotional as expected.

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Suey, on her part, will forever be grateful to Hickman. She promises not to feel any remorse toward the person who abandoned her like how she vows to always be grateful for the selfless act of the young man who thought it was just another normal afternoon in the woods.

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