Toddler Attacked by Vicious Big Dog – Terrifying Moments and Heroic Savers


When a fierce dog suddenly attacked his younger sister, dragging her with its jaw, without second thoughts, this 10-year-old ran to her rescue, putting his own safety on the line.

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The dog involved was identified as a German shepherd named Sheru. For some reason, when the canine saw the 15-month-old girl Kanchi Dhanami, it suddenly attacked the unsuspecting toddler while she was just playing around their house in Ahmedabad, India, with her older brother, Kashish.

The dog took hold of the little girl in its mouth before dragging her around. The elder sibling jumped to lift the child up and tried to move her away from the seemingly enraged dog. The terrifying attack was all recorded by a surveillance camera.

Judging from the footage, the savaging was quite intense, but fortunately, the toddler did not have any injuries while her brother only sustained minor cuts and bruises.


According to reports, Dev Motiben, Sheru’s co-owner, took her pet to the same private garden Kanchi and Kashish decided to play. When the dog saw the toddler walk toward him, it suddenly attacked her. Kashish was left in shock but later gathered the courage to fight the dog in order to save his sister.

For ten long minutes, Kashish was wrestling with Sheru in a brave attempt to take her sister away from the dangerous animal. After the ordeal, he said,”I don’t know why Sheru suddenly attacked Kanchi. We had not even disturbed him. We were playing on our own but suddenly he jumped at Kanchi and started dragging her. I pulled her by her arms and tried all my force to save her. I am thankful to God that she is fine. I love her so much and will do anything to protect her.”

Kashish admitted that the incident caused him to develop a phobia of dogs.

The kids’ mother, Kamini Dhanani, said that she was not with her children when it happened. She was inside their house and only knew of what was happening when she heard her son scream. She added, “‘It was the most dreadful moment of my life. I ran out, but the lift was not working. I went back to the balcony and started calling for help. After few minutes, neighbors came to their rescue, but by then Kashish had managed to save Kanchi. I am extremely proud of my little boy.”


Arun Pasi, who was believed to be the dog’s owner, denied that Sheru was naturally aggressive. He said, “He has been a part of our family for ten months, and I feel he was in a playful mood that day.”

Pasi added that his mom, Dev, decided to take the dog for a walk that day. But when she realized that she did not have Sheru’s leash and collar, she called her grandson to get it. Pasi shared, “My mother had taken him for a walk but forgot to carry the lead. She had sent my 12-year-old son to get it, but within those ten minutes, the unfortunate incident happened.”

After the incident, the German shepherd was transferred to a different area in Ahemdabad.

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