Toddler Miraculously Survives After Stroller Gets Run Over by Transport Truck


A parent’s nightmare is something happening to their child. Accidents are traumatic. It can cause damages or even death so exercising extreme caution at all times is a must.

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Whenever you are facing danger, it’s important to keep you presence of mind. You have to think quickly in order to save lives. In an emergency, every second counts so when you act quickly, you are more likely to provide the best chances of survival.

This father is trying to save his child who is underneath a moving vehicle





In the video, you see that a baby stroller is run over. Then it is dragged by the truck without the driver noticing. The father tries to pull out the stroller, but since he was unable to do so, he ran over to get the driver’s attention.

The panicked father was able to handle the situation well. He showed quick thinking by running over to stop the truck driver. Because he acted fast he was able to save his child. If he stood there frozen on the spot, for sure that would have resulted in the loss of life. The stroller was crushed, but thankfully, the toddler was able to walk away.

Accidents can happen at any time, so whenever crossing the street, walking outdoors, or even when relaxing indoors, it is best to be vigilant and be on guard.

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