Tommy Lee Got Stuck on a Roller Coaster During Mötley Crüe’s Final Concert: ROCK N’ ROLL!


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Tech angle? Nope! Just footage of Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee playing upside down, in a roller coaster, above the stage during the band’s New Year’s Eve show. And then getting stuck.

Unless you’re very interested in hearing what Motley Crue sounded like in 2015*. It all starts at 3:30! Note that Tommy Lee seems to have a very good attitude about the whole thing. A teachable moment, perhaps:

We are the road Crue: Tommy Lee had to be rescued after his drum roller coaster broke down at the group's final show in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve

After his big toy ground to a halt, a moment thankfully caught on camera for a video posted on TMZ, the disgruntled 53-year-old said: ‘Oh s***. It looks like the f***ing roller coaster’s broken.’

The snag resulted in desperate roadies climbing up the tracks to try and fix the problem, and when it could not be rectified they rescued the trapped drumming legend.

Given the group’s bassist famously had to have his heart restarted after a 1987 drug overdose in which he was declared clinically dead, there is little doubt the band were able to see the funny side of such a relatively trivial moment, and the show was soon once again underway.

While the Crue have now retired after a 35 year long career, the old rockers are planning to return later this year year with a film version of their final blowout.

Who needs Spinal Tap? Motley Crue's show was hit by a Rock And Roll Creation-esque hitch when the coaster suddenly broke down

Shorted Live Wire: The desperate roadies clambered up the tracks as they tried to fix the problem

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