15 Appetizing Treats to Complete Your Festive New Year’s Eve Table


Looking for a sumptuous way to celebrate New Year’s Eve? We have prepared a list of delicacies that you can serve on the table as you welcome another roll of 365 days full of happy memories and unforgettable experiences.

Try these 15 tasty treats and start 2016 the sweetest way possible.

White Chocolate Spoons


For those with sweet tooth, get the recipe here.

Countdown Clock Pie Pops


A delectable way to pass the time. For the recipe, click here.

New Year’s Puppy Chow


Click here to get the recipe.

Golden Glitz Cotton Candy


Who says gold tastes bad? Check out the recipe here.



Countdown Cookies


Three, two, one . . . eat! We got the recipe right here.

White Chocolate Champagne Cheesecake Shooters


It looks fancy, and it tastes fancy too. Just click here to get the recipe.

Rum Balls


These munchkins pack an alcoholic punch. The recipe is over here.



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White Chocolate Raspberry Champagne Cake


Doesn’t its appearance alone tickle your taste buds? The full recipe is right here.

Golden Glitter Cake Pops


Cake pops. That’s something new. Check out the recipe here.

Glitter Fortune Cookies


Fortune cookies with a glittery twist. Get the recipe right here.

Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream Shot


Who says shots always involve liquor? Click here for the recipe.



Gold Speckled Olallieberry Chocolate Layer Cake


Not all that glitters is gold. Sometimes, it’s just a slice of cake. Get the recipe here.

Gold Leaf Macarons


Ooh, macarons! Tasty! Click here for the recipe.

Sweet and Salty Millionaire’s Cake


Here’s a cake that’ll make you feel rich. The recipe is right here.

Baileys Glitter Doughnuts


You’ll love doughnuts even more with this variation. For the recipe, just click here.

They look amazing, don’t they? You can trust that they taste amazing too. Prepare them, enjoy every bite with the people you love, and welcome the New Year the sweetest way possible.



Watch the videos below.

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