Try Sprinkles Cupcakes’ Newest Creation: The Red Velvet Waffle Ice Cream Cone. Yum!



Has anyone else been craving red velvet cakes and ice cream lately? Well worry no more as we’re about to satisfy your cravings with this unique flavored ice cream and waffle cone!

The red velvet ice cream is a creation of the famous store Sprinkles Cupcakes. A store from which, according to The Washington Post, most cupcake bakeries take their inspiration. The first Sprinkles store was opened in Beverly Hills. The interiors of the store are defined by the smooth shapes of the centerpiece counter and the walls made of white Corian, reminiscent of the creamy desserts on hand. Thomas Jefferson’s handwritten recipe is attached to the wall to attract customers.


Southern-style light chocolate waffle cone with your choice of ice cream



Ingredients include a Sprinkles red velvet cupcake, 3 scoops of your favorite flavor of ice cream, and a half a cup of whole milk.

Two versions of the new red velvet ice cream are unveiled by Sprinkles this morning on their Facebook page: one with a red velvet cupcake swirled throughout the ice cream and one with the cupcake crumbs sprinkled atop Sprinkles’ original flavor.

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