These Ultra Mega-Structures are Going to be the Largest Construction Projects Ever Attempted By Man


Society today supports the idea that bigger is definitely better. In different parts of the world, countries are coming up with huge construction projects like the kilometer-tall Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia. When you design these mega-structures you also have to find investors that will fund these irrational projects.

You’ve heard about the 10 architectural wonders that are considered too outrageous to construct. Now, here’s a list of ten projects that are not at all practical.

10. A Chinese Supercity Bigger Than Some Countries


New York is one of the largest cities on Earth. It has over 20 million inhabitants in a land area of  790 square kilometers. China plans to link the cities of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei (Jing-Jin-Ji) into one gigantic city. It will be home to 130 million people and have a surface area larger than most countries.

This will be such a huge undertaking that Jing-Jin-Ji will be as large as the state of Kansas. With 212,000 square kilometers, it will be bigger than Austria and Greece combined. This will be a city planning nightmare.

President Xi Jinping has announced that Beijing will be the cultural and tech district, Tianjin will be for manufacturing, and Hebei will house the smaller industries. There will be a high speed network to link each part of the supercity in under one hour.

Work started on this project in 2013. The railroad system should be finished by 2020. The plan for this monstrous city is quickly becoming a reality.

9. San Francisco – Los Angeles Hyperloop

Billionaire CEO Elon Musk proposed a hyperloop, which is a system of pressurized tubes that would take commuters to and from San Francisco and Los Angeles at lightning speed. While most dismissed this proposal as nearly impossible, the Californian transportation company has given the go signal to start building the hyperloop test track.

The ultimate goal is to have a track installed between the two cities. The company has struck a deal with the landowners along Interstate 5 to begin construction. If the tests are a success, they will go ahead and do the project.

This would revolutionize travel. It would take you from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 35 minutes. They will start building the test track in 2016. If this becomes a reality, the actual hyperloop could be ready by 2025.

8. Continent-Splitting Canal in Nicaragua


The Panama Canal is 77 kilometers long and is one of the greatest engineering marvels that exist today. In 2014, construction began on a canal that is deeper and three times longer than the Panama Canal. It will cost around $50 billion and would result in a waterway that splits Nicaragua in half.

This Nicaraguan Canal, thought up by Wang Jing, will require displacing 4.5 billion cubic meters of earth. That would be enough to bury Manhattan island. This will wreak havoc on the country’s ecosystem because it will pass through four nature parks and a freshwater lake.

The craziest thing about this canal is that no one wants it. The Nicaraguans are scared it would destroy their country, the Chinese don’t want to strain relations with the USA, and even shipping companies think it won’t suit their needs. The project, however, is underway and may even be finished by 2019.

7. Gigantic Solar Farm in Tunisia


The energy the sun beams down into the Sahara Desert is more than enough to power the whole of Europe for an entire year. Nur Power is an energy company proposing harnessing that energy. They have planned to place a 200 square kilometer solar farm in Tunisia by the year 2018.

The plan consists of using computer-controlled solar cells and placing them in an area three times as large as Macau. The solar cells would be used to superheat a central tower where steam would power a turbine to generate electricity. From Tunisia, an underwater cable will be connected to a substation in Italy, and from Italy, it will be sent throughout Europe.

Nur Power is trying to convince countries to back the plan which is already underway. The UK has expressed their interest. It may be a while before any actual construction can begin because of the conflicts in Tunisia.

6. Artificial Mountain in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is famous for its excellent beer, long life expectancy, and relaxed stance on sex and drugs. In 2011, Dutch journalist Thijs Zonneveld announced that the country needed a mountain. He is making it his life’s mission to see that they get one.

The country has been known to come up with some amazing engineering feats. In 1932, Flevoland was created and it expanded the country by several thousand square kilometers. The country has undertaken other land reclamation projects and building a mountain would just be another one to add to the list.

Many thought it was just a joke, but it has since gone on to gain a lot of supporters. Construction is set to start in 2015. The website for the project has claimed they have met with many different companies, financiers, and even received planning permission.

The goal is to have the mountain built within the decade.





5. Enormous Hotels in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has been trying to turn Mecca into their own version of Las Vegas for the Middle East. The Abraj Kudai is part of this development. It will be a luxury five-star hotel in the holy city.

This ostentatious display of wealth will stand at a height of 45 stories. In the topmost floor will be a large Islamic dome. There will also be helipads that the uber-rich can use. Five floors will be for the exclusive use of the royal family.

The building will have seventy high class restaurants and about 10,000 rooms. A shopping mall will occupy the ground floor along with a conference center and ballroom. This enormous building will cost at the minimum 2.3 billion pounds.

When it is finished, the Abraj Kudai will be the largest hotel in the world. It’s set to open in 2017. There are also other projects in Mecca like the upgrading of the Grand Mosque to house as many as seven million people.

4. Vertical Mega City of China

China is planning a building so gigantic, it would qualify as its own city. This megastructure is planned for Shenzhen, China.

The building will be named Cloud Citizen and it will have three interlocking towers. The surface area will be almost the size of Monaco. It’s being designed to be a self-contained city.

Aside from homes and offices, there will be farms, parks, food production areas, and a way to contain rainwater. It will generate its own electricity by using wind, solar, and algae. That means it can exist without the assistance of Shenzhen proper.

They are promoting exercise and outdoor living even though it is a thoroughly modern construction. For now, there are no definite plans to start building, but it is very much a goal of the local government.

3. Smart Cities in India

Imagine a city that is connected to the Internet at all times. Dholera is a project by India’s government which aims to provide just that. They hope to have this done in less than ten years.

Dholera will be built on reclaimed land in a $90 billion plan to connect the most important cities in the country. This will be a beautiful, digital city with no pollution, dirt, or littering. All homes would be connected to the Internet, which is a lofty goal considering that only three percent of its population have Internet access as of now.

The continuously growing population of India, means this city is planned to be twice the size of Mumbai. In total, India plans to have 23 smart cities all over their country.

2. Man-made Archipelago in Azerbaijan


Countries are competing to build the most outrageous things. In The Netherlands, they’re building a mountain, in China they’re making a supercity, and in Azerbaijan they are making a new country.

In the Caspian Sea, mountains of rocks are being used to make a new land. It will be called the Khazar Islands. It will consist of 55 islands, have its own airport, and thousands of apartment buildings.

They will also be making Azerbaijan Tower which is planned to be the largest building on Earth. As of 2013, the cost was estimated to be $100 billion.

Billionaire Ibrahim Ibrahimov had the idea for the place while on a flight in 2010. He drew his designs on tissue paper and told architects he wanted the buildings to be exactly as he drew them. The Khazar Islands are still undergoing construction.

1. New Silk Road for China

The Silk Road was a trade route from China to Venice. There are plans to re-instate this route to the modern day.

The One Belt, One Road Plan will combine a maritime trading route with a land based one. It will allow the Chinese 10,000 kilometers of trading between different cities of the world.

This project will link China with the rest of Asia, Africa and Europe. With this, the Chinese influence will certainly be felt worldwide. Plans for this project may start by the year 2020.


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