Meet the Veterinarian Tagged as the ‘Sexiest Beast Charmer’ by People Magazine


When finding the perfect guy, most likely your list of qualifications would include a good physique, a charming personality, a handsome face, and maybe an animal lover. Lucky for you, Dr. Evan Antin is exactly all that. But you might need some time to get used to hanging around with his beloved large reptiles first.

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Hailed by People magazine as the “Sexiest Beast Charmer,”  the 30-year-old doctor based in Thousand Oaks, California, dedicates his life by saving animals. He particularly specializes in reptiles. Yes, we’re talking about snakes and crocodiles.


Dr. Antin has treated animals all over the world, travelling as far as six different continents to do so.


As for the honor that People magazine has given him, Dr. Antin admitted to the Daily Mail that he always wanted to be hailed as “the sexiest something” and is glad that he was recognized for his work as a vet. It looks like his efforts paid off, as Dr. Antin is the hottest vet on the Internet right now.


Dr. Antin’s parents were supportive of his dream too. He brought in turtles to his home and built insect enclosures. His dream was made to a reality when he worked hard to secure a place in studying animals.


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