This Organization Is Planning to Build a PERMANENT Village on the Moon


As humans, we have already reached unbelievable heights because of our intellect. We have cured diseases, created the Internet, and have even landed on the moon. But even after all these achievements, we’re still hungry for more.

Just like the European Space Agency (ESA), which plans not just to leave a footprint on the moon—but to build a village on it.


The ESA has partnered with other nations who deal with spacefaring to build a Moon Village. It is an ambitious 20-year plan to use the village as a base for scientific research, similar to the International Space Station.

It’s said that there will be a lot of holiday destination and mining locations on the Moon Village. However, all of these are yet to be realized. The ESA did provide a video that features some of the plans that the agency has for the Moon Village project. If they’re successful, mankind will truly put itself on a whole new pedestal.

Watch the video below

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