Watch as these Water Balloons Fall Bounce in Slow Motion …So Cool!



Are you having a bad day? Like, a really frustrating, aggravating, agitating, annoying, maddening day? Do you feel like you want to kick that soda can so hard, that it’ll fly all the way to outer space?

Hold your horses! Before you go berserk, why don’t you check these bouncing water balloons in slow motion? They’re also accompanied by up-tempo spa music for no apparent reason. You might be thinking, How is that going to help me? Well, you won’t find out until you try, right? So go ahead, let the water balloons relieve you of stress!

Take a deep breath every time the balloons are in the air, then exhale once they land on the surface.

On each exhale, feel the pressure of stress slowly channel away into these water balloons, and feel it get crushed by gravity.

Repeat this process while you’re listening to the spa music for maximum effect, and you’ll be A-OK in no time!

The balloons bounce instead of pop, because they’re not filled completely. Let gravity do its thing, and you’ll  witness some amazing ripple-y physics right before your eyes!

Watch the slow motion video of water balloon below.


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