What Could Be Almost As Good as Sex? We Tell You Here!


After sex you have an amazing, euphoric feeling. Well, did you know there’s a scientific reason behind that? There’s a hormone called oxytocin, and it’s released after you have sex.

But there are other instances where you release the same hormones and where, expectedly, you will get the same ecstatic feeling like you just made out with someone.

When you give birth


This is a painful way to get a dose of oxytocin, but there also a huge surge in the hormone during labor and after delivery. The oxytocin works to help your cervix dilate.

When you eat eggs and bananas


Eating bananas and eggs will increase your oxytocin levels, so make a point to include it in your next breakfast.



When you make eye contact


The culture now is to be glued to your cellphone, so making eye contact is not as common. Making eye contact is known to help increase oxytocin and create a bond with another person.



Laughter is the best medicine. It makes you feel good, and the oxytocin it creates lasts in your system even after the laughter dies down.

When you use social media


There is something good about social media, after all. When used in moderation, social media can increase oxytocin levels.



When you shoot guns


Shooting a gun is a way to raise the levels of oxytocin in your body. (No wonder there are so many gun enthusiasts in the world.)

When you ride a roller coaster


Thrill-seekers are on to something. When you are afraid because of the huge drop the roller coaster will take, that will raise the oxytocin levels in your body. The sudden surge is why you have that rush of good feelings after you get off the ride.



Deep breathing exercises


Meditation makes you feel good afterward. The relaxed breathing raises your oxytocin levels, so maybe that explains the popularity of yoga.

When you pet a dog


Psychology Today says that every time you hug or scratch behind your pet’s ears, that gives you a boost.

When you donate to charity


Giving back and sharing what you have can make you feel like a good person. The more you share, the more you get that happy feeling from helping the people in your community.



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