Dad’s Hilarious, Creative Baby Videos Go Viral


A child grows up so fast that there are many moments that pass too quickly. From chewing a teething ring, eating their first vegetable, or grabbing at their parent’s eyeglasses, these moments will soon be forgotten because they aren’t considered very important.

Eric Bruce, a thirty-year-old father from Minneapolis, has turned his child’s daily activities into Dubsmash videos. These videos incorporate father-and-son bonding time with something entertaining to send to his wife, Priscilla, when she’s at work.

In one video, Jack has a tantrum with Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” playing in the background. In another, Jack plays with his food to the sound of Dana Carvey’s “Choppin’ Broccoli.”

Eric made these videos while his Priscilla was at her job as a part-time hair and makeup artist. The videos are a nice way to let Priscilla know what Jack is up to when she can’t be with him. Eric also says that these videos were done to build the father-son relationship.

He explains, “It was a little glimpse into the past year of raising a baby and having good times together and bonding as father and son. And making sure his mom was happy and in the loop after going back to work.. . . It’s the equivalent of updating her with a picture but trying to do something a little more special.”

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Jack was born on December 6, 2014. When he was only three weeks old, he had to go in for a minor surgery. It was very hard for Priscilla to leave him to go back to work when he was six weeks old. Knowing how tough it was for his wife to deal with, Eric started making videos to put her at ease.

Eric, who works at an art museum, says it was a great way to bond with Jack and a great way for him to learn how to care for his baby when he was alone with him.

Priscilla is a huge fan of the videos. They make her laugh and generally brighten her day. It’s comforting for her to know that her son and husband are having a good time at home and everything is okay.


The family is pictured during Jack’s lumberjack-themed first birthday party.

Eric found great ways to mix Jack’s ordinary tasks with favorite films like Hook or The Lord of the Rings. One video shows the tot gnawing a chicken teething ring similar to the fast food Chick-fil-A commercial.

Whenever he makes a video, he would think what would be funny for Priscilla and would make Jack smile. Priscilla has encouraged her husband to compile the videos into one. The finished product is now gaining views on YouTube. It’s a great way for the parents to see how much their child has grown over the course of a year.


Although Eric did not have siblings to grow up with, parenting came naturally to him. He doesn’t worry about the little things. For his part, Eric says, “It’s hard raising a baby but none of it is a pain. It’s a treat and it’s all about perspective. It’s challenging and tiring and you never know how exhausted you can be.”

He enjoys every moment, even the tough parts. He says every day is a choice to be happy or upset, and Eric just wants to enjoy the moments with his son.

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