YouTubers Reveal What Lesbians Actually Do in Bed in Hilarious Video


We all know what heterosexual couples do in bed. Even if we haven’t really had slept with someone, movies and books have pretty much educated us about what a man and woman do in bed. But a lot of people have somehow found themselves fascinated with the question “What do lesbians actually do in bed?” How do two females spend a sexy time together?

To answer that, YouTubers Bria and Chrissy made a video to educate everyone who is confused.

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If you’re expecting some “action,” get ready to be disappointed, because reality is, what you think they’re doing is very far from how they actually spend their night.

A “naughty” night for lesbian couples is literally just naughty, as in playing around. They don’t whisper dirty secrets but read books to each other. They don’t watch each other strip but watch Netflix shows. They don’t bite each other’s lips but munch on a few slices of pizza together.

The couple hates to break it to you, but what the porn industry has made you believe is quite exaggerated. They pretty much do the same stuff we do—well, maybe except for sleeping with your feet on your partner’s mouth.

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