What the ‘World’s Hottest Math Teacher’ Has to Say About Objectification




Pietro Boselli has one of his students to thank (or blame) for his sudden Internet stardom. The handsome math teacher from University College London (UCL) went viral after a photo of him surfaced online. It was then that his original plan to live a double life as a professor and a model in secret blew up.

While most people would bask in the perks of being famous, for Boselli, it’s a whole different story.


Boselli sheds light on issues normally thrown to women. We’ve heard about the academically smart girl whose achievements are overshadowed by her ravishing good looks, but we never really heard outcries from men in similar situations.

The Italian model, who was discovered by Armani Junior, began modelling at the age of six. While Boselli does not seem to have any trouble flaunting his Adonis-like body in magazines, he admits that the attention he’s been getting can get uncomfortable.

“If a guy did to a girl some of the things I’ve been subjected to, everyone would agree how out of line they were, yet it’s often accepted the other way around,” he was quoted saying.


His first love will always be science and mathematics, an interesting feat for models who are often labeled as brainless. Boselli joins a lot of other personalities such as Karlie Kloss, who recently enrolled herself in college this year.

Boselli’s PhD in advanced mathematics proves his passion for the subject. He describes himself as a nerd who grew up with his nose buried in books. His modeling job comes second as Boselli hopes to one day open an engineering company under his name from the money he earns from both sides of the spectrum.




While his fame seems a bit overwhelming for him, Boselli says he wants to keep his personal life as private as possible. Recently admitting to a relationship with a woman whose name remains unknown, Boselli says that he finds it hard to interact with people in real life.

He is now careful when choosing male friends, looking for those who won’t just use him to attract other women. As for his colleagues at work, he initially thought of keeping his modelling career in the backseat so he can keep his status as a lecturer. Nevertheless, Boselli remains undeterred and even received an undergraduate faculty excellence scholarship for having the most outstanding academic achievement, and later on, he garnered first-class honors.


Boselli is well aware that his students are taking photos of him, but he never complains. But when one of his students, Arief Azli, posted a photo of him online, things changed. What seemed to be just a photo of another day in class was linked to a shot of him from one of his previous high-fashion photo shoots. It was then that the students, the university, and the the whole world knew about his modeling job. He was later dubbed as the world’s hottest maths teacher.

Not only did this make a lot of admirers want to enroll in UCL, but it also gave Boselli’s Instagram account the fame it deserves.


But Boselli’s earlier statement about being an example of objectified men raises some eyebrows. The question in everybody’s head is, If comments and actions done publicly by people because of his good looks worry him so much, then why does he continue to expose his bare body in photos?





The answer to that is simple: Boselli is unfazed. He has made it clear to the world that training is his passion and he, like many others, likes showing the results.

“I started going to the gym when I moved to London, and like everything I do, I’m very focused. I train once or twice a day, and I’m happy to get recognition for having a good physique,” he says.

His Instagram account not only chronicles his day-to-day life and boasts his remarkable physique, but he also notes there his academic achievements in the description section of his profile.

pietro1 pietro10

Boselli reveals his favorite activities through his photos, which include swimming, hiking, and biking. He also enjoys travelling the world and says he’s quite a thrill-seeker.






His legion of followers are always too quick to comment on his photos, but probably the best ones come from people who see beyond the model stereotype. Like the ones below.


Boselli once named Arnold Schwarzenegger as his body inspiration, while his favorite historic mathematicians would have to be Leonhard Euler and Isaac Newton, among others.


So in case you decide to drop by UCL or happen to be looking for your next Instagram crush, you might want to go check him out.



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