When the Kids Started Misbehaving This Professor Did Something Amazing!


A college professor who babysat his student’s kids so she could take her final exam gained online praise after his photo went viral.


Twenty-eight-year-old Monica Romero, a University of Louisville student and taking up Army ROTC, is also single mother to Mikayla and Marcus.


Monica and her kids once lived in South Korea where she served in the army before they moved to Kentucky last summer. She’s set to finish her bachelor’s degree so she could be an army officer.




Weeks before her exam date, Monica already asked someone to take care of her kids, but the supposed babysitter declined on the eleventh hour.

She shot her classmate Victory Henry a message, but the latter advised her to just leave them in the hallway and let them play. However, Monica wasn’t comfortable with the idea of leaving her kids alone, thinking they might not behave as expected and that it might take her quite some time to finish the exam.





Monica brought with her a laptop and a tablet that her kids could play with. Then she went in and took her exam. But after a while, her son started calling out her name. She went outside to calm him down. Her professor, Dr. Daniel Krebs, followed her.


Monica got afraid that her prof might not allow her to take the test while her kids were loitering outside. She expected him to ask her to leave, but what happened next surprised her.



Dr. Krebs told Monica instead, “Go take your test. I’ll take care of this.”




Henry spotted the teacher and snapped a photo of him playing with Monica’s kids. She shared it online, and it immedaitely went viral.

Monica spoke of the event and said, “He’s a really great teacher and it was just a genuine act of kindness. I’m just really grateful for it.”



Dr. Krebs is not alone. More awesome teachers are here in these videos below.

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