Wife Smashes Husband’s $150,000 BMW After She Catches Him with His Mistress


A BMW 740 faced the wrath of one angry woman in Shenzhen, China. The woman, only identified by her last name Wu, attacked her husband’s car after she discovered he was unfaithful to her. She allegedly witnessed him with the other woman in the car.

She used a hammer to smash the vehicle, which is worth an estimated $157,000 dollars.

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Bystanders were shocked to see her smashing the car. Security guards of the parking lot attempted to stop her. Wu screamed “The b–ch who sat in this car is too filthy for words” as she warned the guards to stay back. She claimed the BMW 740 was hers and showed documents proving her ownership before she continued with her demolition.

Her husband was away on business, and he was told by the security staff of the damages done to his car. After Wu worked out her aggression, the car was left with broken front and rear lights, smashed windows, destroyed door handles, and a damaged hood.


Other wives have done similar things, and in China, other wives have resorted to hiring people or thugs to do the job for them.

For angry partners who want to destroy some property, don’t attack luxury cars. There are rage rooms you can enjoy.

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