Woman Trapped in an Abusive Relationship Saved by Her Rescue Dog


Now Tromp has learned to fall in love with the simpler things as she slowly recovers from her  past wounds. She spends her time hiking through snowy mountains and watching the sun set in the horizon.

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“Where would I be had Kyro not come into my life? I honestly can’t answer that question. Kyro raised a shroud from my life. He tore back all of my fears and really saw right into my soul. He showed me the person I couldn’t see inside myself. The person he saw and loved. He has helped me to become the person I’ve always wanted to be—inside of the shadow of myself I was before,” Tromp said in a heartfelt post of her journey with her beloved friend.



Tromp now dubs her adventures with Kyro as Goldilocks and the Wolf, referring to her long blonde hair and her dog’s wolf-like features. She hopes to inspire other people to walk away from abusive relationships and find the strength to see that the positive things, no matter how small, will outweigh the negative.

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Tromp credits Kyro as being her “four-legged knight,” and she wants to send a message to anyone going through the same situation that one day, they too will find their own hero.

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