Woman Looking for Mom for 15 Years Stunned as She Discovers She’s Her Workmate


Jenny Thomas spent 15 years of her life trying to find her birth mother, and thanks to the TLC series Long Lost Family, she was able to find her, but to a big surprise: they actually met ten years before!

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The New York citizen was one of 16 individuals featured in the series that helps people reunite with their biological relatives, and it was there that she found that her mother is someone she actually interacted regularly ten years ago at a Rochester hospital, where Jenny was a part-time patient care technician, and her mother, Nita, was a patient transporter.

Speaking with The New York Post, Jenny said, “I was just in shock. I had looked in so many faces for so many years, [thinking] ‘Could that be her? Is she looking at me because she knows me?’ All the while I had looked at the woman who once knew me as her daughter.'”


As for Nita, she was a daughter of a minister. Ashamed about a pregnancy out of wedlock, she was forced to give up her daughter to social services due to the lack of support from her family. She did not expect, however, that the daughter she gave up will soon look for her.


It took over a decade of searching for her mother before Jenny finally found out what she looked like through the show’s experts. It was then that Jenny realized that not only has she met her mother ten years ago, she actually spent hours working with her at the hospital, where they used to interact daily.

The two had a friendly “working-professional relationship,” but the younger woman admitted that she never felt any sort of instinctual connection to the woman who brought her into the world. She did note, though, that Nita would “always laugh at my jokes.”

The amazing story, which will be featured in Long Lost Family and in a preview clip, Jenny can be seen looking at her mother’s photo in shock.


“Oh my god. I know her!” she says in disbelief.


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