Living a Plastic Life: The Russian Woman Who’s Obsessed with Barbie and Lives Like the Doll


This Russian woman is creating a buzz online for her fantastic Barbie-like life. The social media branded her monikers such as Living Barbie, Real Doll, and Pink Lover.

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The 28-year old Tatiana Tuzuva, with her incredibly slim figure, long golden hair, and always dressed in cute pink dresses with puffed sleeves, is considered as close to perfect as a real-life Barbie. And oh, she also drives a pink car covered with Barbie’s face!


Tatiana has been fascinated with Barbie since she was a little girl. But as she grew up, the normal fascination turned into an obsession.

“I immediately saw her as the ideal woman and I wanted to be that ideal. I dyed my hair like hers, bought similar clothing, accessories, ” she revealed.


Her room is full of pink houses, furniture, cars, and other things Barbie-related. She has a huge collection of shoes, bags, and accessories that Barbie had worn. Even her apartment looks like a life size Barbie house as every thing inside is pink, as well as her car, which features a glamorous interior and custom Barbie pink upholstery.


Tatiana’s spectacular pink world has caught the media’s attention. She’s a frequent guest on several TV shows and at public events, even children’s parties. Thousands of girls in Russia look up to her as a role model and she constantly shares tips with her followers.

“For me, the image of Barbie is not just an image, but a whole life,” she said. “From childhood, I was told that I look like a doll. I grew up in a creative family of musicians, studied singing and piano. At school plays, I always starred as a princess. And I liked it, I felt like a princess.”

She was enthralled by the fancy world she lives in and wants to continue living in it, making it her whole life. She also writes Barbie-themed songs and performs them like a plastic doll, and has a huge collection of wardrobe that she never wears the same dress twice.


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