Woman’s Success Story Inspires Mark Zuckerberg – And Now He’s Sharing It to the World


“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determinationm and hard work.” – Colin Powell

Facebook is one of the most visited social networking sites of today. Each post from millions of users around the world has a potential to become viral and is enough to catapult the person to instant fame.

Recently, the social media giant’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, shared the inspiring story of a simple girl from a remote island in the Philippines named Riza, who prevailed against life’s difficult challenges and reached her goals through pure hard work and determination.

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And her story went viral, reaching millions of people across the globe.

On the small island where Riza lives, there’s only one available work for women—collecting seashells on the shore. Others probably are contented of what they are doing, but not Riza, who has bigger dreams. She went against all the odds and studied computer science in a nearby school in town.



While doing her thesis, a storm hit the area, which left her stranded on the island and unable to meet her classmates in town for several weeks.

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Fortunately, Riza and her classmates found out about Internet.org, a partnership between Facebook and six other companies that aims to provide free basic apps and affordable Internet access to people who can’t go online.

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With perseverance and determination, Riza was able to finish her thesis and graduate. She’s the first in her family to gain a degree in computer science.

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