10 Unusual Pregnancy Facts You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

10 Unusual Pregnancy Facts You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon that continues to marvel people around the world. The thought of a life growing inside is beautiful but can be a nerving experience at the same time. But most women, even those who have been pregnant before, aren’t aware that some symptoms that happen during pregnancy differ per person. At the very least, it can range from the normal to the utterly bizarre.

Today, you’re going to explore some bizarre pregnancy facts, and while it is recommended that a pregnant woman consult professional advice, it can come in handy, knowing that these different experiences are perfectly normal.

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1. Pregnancy can last for a year

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Normal pregnancies last for approximately 9 months, but you do hear cases of premature birth. Alternatively, a post-term pregnancy can also happen, but this poses a risk to both the mother and the baby. According to records, Belulah Hunter had the longest pregnancy, lasting a staggering 375 days.

2. Father can exhibit pregnancy symptoms as well

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Sympathetic pregnancy or Couvade syndrome happens when the partner of a pregnant woman experiences the same symptoms as she does. This can be in the form of minor weight gain, nausea, and in some extreme cases, even labor pain can be felt.


3. Sense of smell is more sensitive

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Pregnant women know that they can smell anything unpleasant even from a considerable distance to the point it gives them nausea. This actually comes in handy so the mother can avoid toxins such as smoke from cigarettes, which is potentially dangerous to the fetus.

4. The pregnancy “glow”

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The pregnancy glow is more than just a mere compliment. The main cause is the sudden increase of hormones, causing more oil production. Another reason for the healthy glow is blood flow increasing by an estimated 50 percent, causing the mother’s face to be fuller.

5. Eating for two is a myth

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Pregnant women are told that they need to eat extra to give nutrients to their growing baby. In reality, it is recommended that you make sure to have food in your stomach, but a maximum of 300 calories a day is enough. Pregnancy isn’t an excuse to start binge-eating and saying you need to eat for two people, and while you can give in to your craving, just make sure you’re eating food that is healthy for you and your baby.

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