What Does Your Face Shape Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Face Shape Say About Your Personality?

Ever wondered how people draw conclusions about you based on the way you look? Well, they’re not entirely wrong about that. According to Jean Haner, face reading expert and author of the book The Wisdom of Your Face, the shape of your face can tell a lot about personality.

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While we all do not have a distinct face shape, any prominent feature like the jawline meeting the cheekbone could be a clear indication that you have a square-shaped face.This could map out your personality, telling a lot about you, which you might be unaware of.

So start checking your mirror and find out if your face shape truly reflects your dominant traits.

Oval Face Shape

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The shape: People born with oval-shaped faces have wider foreheads and a narrow jawline. Your cheekbones should be more prominent and the chin is a little elongated.

Personality: If you have an oval-shaped face, then you always know the right things to say. You’re hospitable and tactful, making guests feel welcome in your presence. You do tend to to think about how others perceive you, and in the end, you focus on what they have to say and disregard your own opinions.


Diamond or Triangle Face Shape

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The shape: Sometimes referred to as the pear-shaped face. Characterized by being narrower in the forehead and wider in the jawline.

Personality: They like being in charge, especially those whose faces are relatively narrower compared to other peoples’. It has its positive trait, though, as it has been proven that the people who have pear-shaped faces are more successful.

Round Face Shape

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The shape: The round face shape has full cheeks and an almost equal measurement for the length and width of the entire face

Personality: Generally, people with this type of face are kindhearted and selfless. If you fall into this category, try not to let other people abuse your kindness. Learn to give value to your priorities, and you’ll realize how far you’ll go with that mind-set.


Square Face Shape

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The shape: A square face is all about the jawline. It’s notably wider and bonier than any other face shape.

Personality: These are the best people who can take on big projects because of their stamina. They tend to be witty and analytical and also make great leaders.

Heart Face Shape

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The shape: If you think you have a heart-shaped face, check if you have a wide forehead and a prominent or pointy chin.

Personality: Patience is truly a virtue for people who have heart-shaped faces. So goal achieving is something they will pursue at all cost. They are also known to be creative, and they tend to push themselves once they set their minds onto doing something.


Long Face Shape

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The shape: A long face shape has elongated features, from the forehead down to the chin. Not to be confused with a heart-shaped faced, which tends to have pointed chin instead of an elongated one.

Personality: Try to dig into your high-school memories or even how you handle your job right now, then ask yourself, Am I a perfectionist? Chances are, people with long faces are perfectionist. They tend to produce the best work out there, and if you happen to be working with one right now, be mindful of what you say as they may come out as aggressive.

If you need help knowing your face shape, have a friend assist you as other people tend to be more knowledgeable of your features than you. Don’t be biased toward what you feel is best, instead have fun with it! This may help you adjust to situations in the future.



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