Wheel Chair Bound Kids and Halloween? Never Fear!  Inventive Costumes Make Kids Smile!

Wheel Chair Bound Kids and Halloween? Never Fear! Inventive Costumes Make Kids Smile!


Many talented parents have turned their children’s wheelchairs into awesome stuff. Although apparently heartbroken with their kids’ situation, these parents seek ways to make them happy, and transforming their wheelchairs into something interesting for their ages is one good idea.

And now it’s not just children. Adults also make good costumes for their wheelchairs to spice up their appearance. They say adding a touch of creativity on their chairs, in a way, gives them confidence to go out and move around.

Here are some of the coolest Halloween costumes for people who use wheelchairs.

Welcome to the Wizard of Oz

Mini Batmobile


Waiting for Her Prince


Crash Test Customized Look

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First Wheelchair to Launch in Space

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Lets Get This Party Started!

Cool Dory Wheelchairs


“I’m Going Racing!”

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The Flintstone Ride


Ghost Buster Ride




Little Builder

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Junior Firefighter

Little Mermaid


Swamp Chairboat

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Little Thomas

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Little Viking

Little Mad Hatter


Space Defender Falcon

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The News Team


Pirate Ship Detected




Star Wars‘s R2D2

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Is That a Shark?


Little Hockey Player

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Little Dragon Warrior with Toothless


Toy Story on Wheels



Little Rey Mysterio

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