Woman Pepper-Sprays Grizzly Bear, Bear Exacts a Brilliant Revenge

Woman Pepper-Sprays Grizzly Bear, Bear Exacts a Brilliant Revenge

This story tells what happens when a bear is disturbed from his meditation in the middle of his territory.

An Alaskan bear staged an unbelievable and clever revenge after a woman mace-sprayed him on the face.

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A woman named Mary Maley was on a kayak trip along Berg Bay, Alaska, when she encountered a grizzly bear living in the area. Scared and unprepared, Mary thought that the Kodiak bear was trying to bother her. Turned out, it was the other way around—it was her who disturbed the wild animal.
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It is known to most campers that observers should keep themselves away from wildlife, but Mary seemed to be unaware of this. She approached the bear instead, then pepper-sprayed it on the face.

Although it was obviously hurt in the eyes, the grizzly bear was kind enough not to touch Mary with its sharp claws. But of course, it did not go away without doing anything. Instead of mauling the woman, it walked toward her only means of transportation that day—her kayak. Then it wrecked the boat with all its might, as if showing her why she should not have done what she did.

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The bear malevolently ignored all Mary’s urges for it to leave and destroyed the bright green kayak using its jaws and paws. Despite her helpless pleads in the background, the bear was determined to get even.

For sure, you are going to do the same thing if somebody hurt you for no reason at all.

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